Our Location

KVIR KINGS FARM Village Chak Gajju , Tehsil Narot Jaimal Singh , District Pathankot , Punjab , India.

Our Location

KVIR KINGS FARM Es 232/26 Makhdoompura , Starway Model School , Jalandhar City , Punjab-144001 , India.

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KVIR KINGS Farm is located in Pathankot in Punjab , India.

We are located 123 kms from Jalandhar , Punjab , 103 kms from Amritsar and 28 kms from Pathankot town. KVIR KINGS Farm was founded in 2010 By Mr. Vikrant Kumar with a mission to be pioneers in identifying and developing best Chickens , Desi / Organic Chicken , Desi / Organic Eggs , Goats that is suitable for conditions prevalent in India. Through these years we have learned our lessons (sometimes the hard way!) and have created processes/practices/tools that will help optimize the profit margin while managing the financial and operational risks inherent in this business. . Our mission is to produce high quality, fast growing, genetically superior breeding stock Eggs and supply to the up and coming goat farms , Chicken Farms .

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Our Goats

Goat farming involves the raising and breeding of domestic goats as a branch of animal husbandry.

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Our Eggs

Layer poultry farming means raising egg-laying poultry birds for the purpose of commercial egg production.

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Desi/Organic Chicken

Organic poultry farms are generally free range farms, so the birds have access to pasture

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Goat is a multi functional animal and plays a significant role in the economy and nutrition of landless, small and marginal farmers in the country.

Goats can efficiently survive on available shrubs and trees in adverse harsh environment in low fertility lands where no other crop can be grown. In pastoral and agricultural subsistence societies in India, goats are kept as a source of additional income and as an insurance against disaster. Goats are also used in ceremonial feastings and for the payment of social dues. In addition to this, goat has religious and ritualistic importance in many societies.



Happier the hen the healthier the eggs it lays. Our hens live in organically maintained pastures which is a good source for nutritious plants, seeds, legumes etc.

We also provide our hens with a well-balanced diet, including rich flax seed cakes & 100% organic herbs. Happy Hens eggs is rich in Protein, Omega 3 and Carotenoids. Bright orangish and upright yolk around a firm albumin is guaranteed. The shells are strong and free from exterior damage. At Kvir Kings Farm we place a lot of importance on delivering fresh eggs. They are packed on the First day from date of laying. So you can be assured of fresh eggs through the week.

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